Our core expertise is in resources investment.

We are a 100% Australian owned business based in Brisbane, Queensland.

We create prosperity for our customers, communities, shareholders and stakeholders though practical implementation of smart thinking.

Adamelia Resources is an independent mine development company developing ultra-low sulphur coal projects to meet the growing demand for low emission coal.

Adamelia Land Partners manages property on behalf of investors and aims to repurpose land affected by mining to alternative productive uses.

Adamelia Investment invests directly in listed and unlisted equities.

The Adamelia Group has recently sold its investment in Adamelia Global and the business has been rebranded to Primed Global.  Access its new website at www.primedglobal.com.au

  • Resources

    We own and operate development projects and have been responsible for transactions with many well known resource focussed companies.  We have been founding investors in a number of exploration start ups.

  • Land Partners

    We hold a residential property portfolio and an agricultural land fund, leveraging our experience operating in rural and mine affected areas.

  • Investment

    We invest for the long term in both listed and unlisted equities. Outside mining and property, we have been founding investors in businesses focussed on the retail, health, electricity and technology sectors.